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Does your home or workplace smell musty? Maybe some people in the building are already experiencing allergy-like symptoms. Perhaps, this has prompted you to search for something like "professional mold testing service near me" online. Well, you're not wrong because these are signs that your property needs mold testing. Luckily, our professionals can test your property for mold and recommend appropriate remediation.

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How Our Professionals Test for Mold

Our professionals collect air samples, observe visually, and check for excess moisture. What's more, we may detect black mold during the testing process. Here's how we test residential and commercial buildings for mold infestation.

  • Collecting samples from the air and surfaces. Our mold experts take control samples from the air and affected area surfaces. If your property has a mold infestation, its interior air will have mold spores that could cause allergies and illnesses to the occupants. Therefore, we will collect air samples and take them to the lab for analysis. When air samples are collected, we will also collect a control sample from outdoors, to record the normal mold strains in the immediate area. If there are suspicious appearances of mold on surfaces, our experts will perform surface testing, collecting tape samples or swab samples for detailed analysis at the laboratory.
  • Visual mold inspection. Our technicians will inspect your residential or commercial building for possible mold infestation. This inspection enables our experts to find the mold and locate its origin. In some cases, mold grows in hard-to-see areas. That's why mold air sampling is always necessary.
  • Checkup on water and excess moisture. The best way to test and remediate mold growth is by controlling moisture. However, water pipes and roof leaks are hard to detect in some cases. Therefore, we use advanced technologies like infrared imaging and humidity meters to detect moisture, damp areas, and water leaks that may facilitate mold growth in your property.
  • Black mold detection. Black mold is hazardous to people occupying residential and commercial properties. Luckily, we can also test your home or business premises for this dangerous microorganism. Our black mold testing process entails collecting samples from the surfaces, surrounding dust, and air in places you suspect to have it and sending them to an independent laboratory for analysis.

We offer safe, convenient, and efficient business and home mold testing in Hallandale Beach at a reasonable price. What's more, we have expanded our capabilities through partnership with O2 Mold Testing. Working with these qualified mold testing experts means that our customers can enjoy prompt service with better availability. Don't hesitate to enlist our service if you suspect mold presence in your property. We'll help you find out for sure and figure out what to do about it.

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Once you try our high quality service, you'll see the difference yourself!

Can You Test for Black Mold Yourself?

It's easy to consider testing your property for black mold without professional assistance to save money. However, addressing black mold requires special considerations because even slight exposure could cause health problems, including respiratory irritation, chronic sneezing and coughing, skin disorders, headaches, and chronic fatigue. For this reason, enlisting our mold detection service is the safest option.

Carpet Cleaning Hallandale Beach has some of the most competent mold inspectors. Our professionals understand the risks that black mold poses to anyone that may come into contact with it. Therefore, they use appropriate safety gear to test your property for black mold and recommend the safest and most effective mold cleanup and remediation plan. Talk to us today if you suspect black mold's presence in your property, and we'll be glad to help you.

How Much Does Professional Mold Testing Cost?

We charge the most reasonable price for professional mold testing. Overall, our mold testing cost starts from $395 and depends on the number of samples, the need for outdoor and indoor air tests, and mold remediation protocols, among others. If you need basic visual mold inspection, it will cost $149. Talk to us any time for further details about our mold testing and detection prices.

Get Professional Mold Testing and Inspection Service in Hallandale Beach FL

Maybe you've suspected mold presence in your property but didn't know whom to call for mold inspection. Well, now you know you can talk to our technicians for professional mold testing. Contact us to book your appointment or request a free estimate now!

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